you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir. But now you know God—or rather are known by God

Galatians 4:7,9


For the seventh year, History Makers UNITED will gather youth, 15+ years old, from different countries, cities, and churches to worship God together and get to know Him more. This year's camp will have many changes.

  1. UNITED will happen in a new place - "Cinevilla" filmtown, near Tukums.
  2. There are different options for accommodation- you can sleep in a tent to enjoying a hotel room.
  3. Camp will be one day longer allowing for more activities and seminars.

Among the different activities will be a mens and womens race, a big game, volleyball, soccer, and basketball tournaments with real courts (yes, you read that correctly!) and several other activities. We are expecting a very blessed time together!

Camp Theme

Today's world offers many different options for spending your free time. Young people are looking for their identity, self-esteem and value. God doesn't value people by their good works and busy schedules; God sees every one as worthy and a treasure!

The year's theme is "KNOW(N) - to know God and be known by God". We will discuss our identity and belonging to God. If we know God and He knows us, we are no longer slaves but children and ultimately, an heir (Gal. 4:7-9). Our value is found in the Creator of the world Himself!

If you know you are loved by God, invite your friends that haven't experienced His love and register together! We will spend these 5 days in fellowship, worship, and God's presence!

August 22-26

Slampe, Tukums





Mike is a husband, father, grandfather, and pastor. His passionate preaching has inspired many to follow God. Mike has a heart for people and hopes to share the Father's love with all!

Mike & Chris Lenz


Phillip is an outreach pastor at Church on the Move in Oklahoma. He enjoys being married to his beautiful wife and serving the Lord. Jesus has given Phillip freedom over a meth addiction and now uses his story to impact the lives of many others!

Phillip Villarreal


For many years, Doug was a pastor in America. Recently he moved to Latvia with his family, to be a missionary. This year, Doug will be serving all week long in various ways.

Doug Linser

USA / Latvia

Modris is a pastor of the church "Spring of life" in Riga. Modris and Baiba have raised 7 children and impacted many other lives. Modris is passionately devoted to Christ which has encouraged and changed many young people all over Latvia.

Modris & Baiba Ozolinkeviči


You may know Santa as a finalist from the Latvian contest Supernova or being a Ukrainian X-factor participant but she identifies herself as a worshiper. Santa's passion is to worship and praise God while helping others to do the same.

Santa Daņeļeviča


Liba is a singer and worship leader at Āgenskalns Baptist Church as well has being a wife and mom. She sings with joy and thanksgiving that God's presence is with her every moment of every day. Her purpose is to help others think about God and the meaning of life.

Lība Ēce-Kalniņa


History Makers team has a heart beat to serve others and create an atmosphere of humility and glory to God whether in leading worship, activities, cooking food or cleaning toilets. All is done to the glory of God!

History Makers team


Registration and Participant Costs



Register in a group of 5, receive a 5 euro discount.

Register in a group of 10, receive a 10 euro discount.

(Except hotel, register in a group of 5 or 10 and receive a 5 euro discount.)

You have the unique opportunity to stay in the only hotel in all of the Baltic's that offers a stay in a real filmtown! This hotel offers several showers and toilets. With a total of 5 showers and 6 toilets, you won't have to wait long. The hotel has many comfortable rooms with beautiful beds that await you at the end of long camp days. Here you can enjoy the camp with a vacation feel.


Vietas: brīvas 2
Cena: no 85.00 eur

If you want to sleep in a "million star hotel" or fresh air, you can fulfill that desire! Bring with you your tent, and all things necessary to sleep - pillow, blanket and sheet or sleeping bag. To fully enjoy your tent stay, please remember warm clothes! The toilets and showers are located near the tent city. The showers are similar to those in a sports hall, please take a swimming suit with you!


Vietas: brīvas unlimited
Cena: no 40.00 eur

You have the opportunity to enjoy old Latvian atmosphere by staying (on mattresses) in Rudolf's house. This house has a shower and 2 toilets. We will supply the mattresses but you need to bring with you every thing else you need (pillow, sheets and blankets or sleeping bag).

Rudolf's House (Girls Only)

Vietas: brīvas 1
Cena: no 50.00 eur

You have the unique opportunity to stay in cabins which were made to fulfill the needs of film crews and actors! Every cabin is equipped with a shower and toilet and has 5-6 beds. Comfortable beds are supplied but you need to bring the rest, (pillow, sheets and blankets or sleeping bag).


Vietas: brīvas 0
Cena: no 65.00 eur

August 22


14:00 Registration Starts
17:00 Dinner
18:30 Camp Opening
19:30 Evening Meeting
22:30 Night Activities 
01:00 Quiet Time

August 23-25


08:30 Wake Up
09:00 Breakfast
09.45 Morning Meeting
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Activities/Workshops
17:00 Open Space
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Evening Meeting
22:00 Night Activities 
01:00 Quiet Time

August 26


08:30 Wake Up
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Closing
14:00 Go Home

Apply to be a volunteer

You have the opportunity to apply to be a volunteer!

To apply or find out more information, fill in the survey below. 


Important Questions

The camp is targeted towards youth starting from 15 years old. 

               Until June 15              Until July 15              After July 15
Group Size> 1 5 10 1 5 10 1 5 10
Tents 30 25 20 35 30 25 40 35 30
Rudolf's House 40 35 30 45 40 35 50 45 40
Cabin 55 50 45 60 55 50 65 60 55
5 bed room 75 70 70 80 75 75 85 80 80
4 bed room 80 75 75 85 80 80 90 85 85
3 bed room 85 80 80 90 85 85 95 90 90

Participants can choose their accommodation (hotel, cabin, room with matresses or tent) when they register. The cost depends on the chosen accommodation.

The cost of the camp includeds 3 full meals a day and an evening snack. At every meal, there will be choices between different foods, even for those who are vegetarian. 

During camp, there will be the option to buy different books, t-shirts, chiristian accessories, as well as tea, coffee, and snacks. 

We always welcome visitors. The hall where the meetings take place has limited seating so we cannot guarantee a place to sit. You can join us free of charge, but we ask, if possible, to leave an offering.

There will be a bus to "Cinevilla" from Jelgava, Riga, and Tukums that we will organize. Please apply during registration, if you need a place in a bus.

It is possible for one person to register a group of any size. Groups register for a discounted price. The discount will be applied when the entire group is registered and have paid at least 50% of the cost. Extra participants registered later will not recieve the same discounted price.

Discounts are for those who register in groups. Extra discounts for youth groups are offered depending on the situation. More information about this, send an e-mail to

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